My Readings to Purchase and info to know before purchasing

Info to know before i explain how i do my readings. I made a course for sitters to get a certified certificate to show me as well as other certified readers giving readings. I made this to help all of us out. From sitters to readers. I have a directory list of certified readers that will have their contact info and all their info including there picture. The certificate the sitter gets from my course helps because it is teaching the sitter to become a self-independent reader that in time will just need us readers to help confirm what it is that their synchs and signs they have been receiving with communications to their departed loved ones or their guidance etc. That us readers by then will help to confirm with them what there picking up on is correct. But they will be able to communicate with their departed loved ones and so much more! πŸ™‚

I have my readings at the moment listed on my Etsy store. Mystic Realms Readings. But i will see once i finish setting up my Shopify if i can put them on there. So there will be a payment plan that is interest-free on there. By using quad pay. I will custom make a reading for you. Just ask and we can work something out. I will update this section once i have more listings and price ranges and what type of readings i will be doing. It will all be clearly written soon. Thank you for your patients loves. <3 πŸ™‚

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