My Readings to Purchase and info to know before purchasing

I am still in the works of creating this course I speak about as well as will re-edit these sections once I am complete.

Hello loves! I have decided to make my readings tailored to specific clients that met my requirements. I have made a course which is found here (……)) This is to help train my will be or is reoccurring clients for my different types of readings that I offer. Such as Mediumship, Oracle Cards, Paranormal house cleansing readings, attached objects readings. Which I have certified courses for you to take if you want to do this on your own instead of purchasing a reading or session from me online. And you will be able to add this into your service works being certified as. But depends I might only do oracle card readings. Some Services I will not offer are. No dark spells or any kind of spell work. I will not read for love readings when the sitter is searching for an oracle card love readings and is aware that the person they want as their partner is already married or is in a happy partnership. My readings will not cause anyone or anything harm which is defined as harm in my way of viewing.

((((((((( Finish Editing the underneath))))))

To get a reading from me. I do require you to take my certified sitter’s course as well as the mediums courses I am making. ( I am still unclear what all is needed for you to take. (((Maybe you will need to purchase my mediumship books if you do not want to be certified for your service works and to know some of the information that might be mentioned in your readings what I mean when I say certain things.

The books will provide the answers you need as far as knowing what terms I mention as well as understandings of what I mention like if I mention an attachment or what type of service that is needed to be provided to help with your type of reading etc. You will know what I mean from the book. And we can work from there. So, it is less complicated and is understood easier as well as cheaper than buying the courses if you do not want to be certified for your service works. If you do then I suggest to please purchase the courses instead))))

If you are not able to purchase the courses or books I mentioned needed for your reading. Or you feel your reading does not resonate with me. Or if I tell you with your reading that I am not able to resonate or pick up on anything for your reading. I am hoping to have a free directory list filling up with certified psychic mediums etc. So you can choose one from there. 🙂 Partly the reasons why I need to have these types of boundaries up is because it helps protect my family and loved ones, as well as our connections and my healing services to why I am requesting to get a reading from me.

The reason why I made this sitters course. Is for true devoted clients that it will help them to receive a clear reading from me without any paranormal influence. It will help make aware and how to cleanse your self your home your property and learn to do spiritual hygienes. So the readings are not only clear but also safe for both sitter and reader. ( sitter is client reader is me or anyone giving a psychic or mediumship reading. ) If you detect it is paranormal related or attachments. I will then advice to take my certified mediumship courses to read and take before purchasing my readings. Because you will then be aware of what help I can provide for you then. Because you will understand it and it will be easier for us to work on whatever issue it is. Whether be a house or an object cleansing or even an attachment removal from you. I am doing it this way so it will be healing for you as well as you would skip the cost of paying someone to do all of your cleansings needs when you can either yourself or with my help. The benefits of why I request this is because depending on each service work thats needed to be provided to cleanse what all you need. Is being taught to you in my courses to do for self. Or if I am able to at the time I will provide the extra help that probably won’t cost too much. Again I am trying to work on all that I will for sure provide. So I will have cost and all clearly written then when I edit with all the for sure info that I will provide. But my hopes are to make it cheaper and with help when you purchase all that I am requesting for my readings. Because after the cleasnings you will remain if you chose to be my client and will receive more clarity and healing readings. All I wish for and am offering if turns out this way. Will help you heal and on a path your choosing of healing and happiness. (( I need to explain this further))

These two Etsy Listings are for Readings that are for $35.00 and are for a Oracle Cards Reading or a Departed Loved Ones Photo Reading. By clicking the links to them it will redirect you there to purchase and read more about it. There both for the same thing at the moment. If you need one or the other or both and at a different price range. Then contact me and we will work something out together. You can contact me on my etsy shop or my Facebook Page PM or if there’s an option here to contact me at. I am still learning and setting up this business page myself. So please bare with me. If i don’t respond then please try to contact me on one of my social media sites till you get a response from me loves. I have them to select from the options of the top of my website to choose from. Like Facebook Page, Etsy, Twitter etc. If you have any questions about my readings or anything please contact me and i will be more than happy to help answer them the best i can. Thank you loves! I am sending you much divine love and light and gratitude and thanks!

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