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Under the certified Certificates are the website links to my academy for the courses you can take that i am making this page for.

This page is solely to find each of my mediumship and other courses I make that are on my etsy stores listings. I might shut down my Academy. Right now I have three beginning course options. And will have two other courses listed to purchase at each level of mediumship. But those two will also have three listings each. Because just as this one I have the option of PDF file and Mailing the course materials to you in the mail. Or another option of just PDF or just mailing. I will decor or not by your choosing your binding that the course is in. I will also make a book mark or not by your choosing. Its all described on the listings. Each listing will have each of the other listings to direct you to that. So if this option of both is not right for you then go here and choose the listing on the description that you want. This course is one time payment for etsy. But on my shopify store will be a payment plan option to. Its free to join and remain in our practice Facebook group where you will practice and be mentored by me. This course is also lifetime accessed. You’ll also be on my website here directory list for free also lifetime. And that has your picture your service work description how to find your serviced and you show a few approved ratings with reviews of your services. I made this so it is legit services and clients for all. This is my Facebook advertising group for this course.

To purchase this listing or to find the right one for you on my etsy store for this course. This link will direct you there.

I am a Certified Practitioner Teacher for Metaphysical and Mediumship teaching. I also teach about elementals. I am still in the works of creating almost all of these courses. But i do have two out now. And i am still working on more. I am focusing on the Mediumship courses at the moment. There is three in total for that. One is a beginner level the other is advanced and the other is more healing and other aspects to learn outside of what is normally taught in a mediumship course. When all three of these are taken you will receive with each one a certified certificate. Once all three taken you will receive your certified certificate with the usage of C.M. after your name on the certificate as well as anywhere you write your name at for your service work. You will also be a practitioner of mediumship after taking all three of my courses. C.M. means a certified medium.

The reason why we certify our students is because it gives our clients the peace of mind knowing they have practiced and trained with other certified mediums. Along with i have mine sign a Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct to follow by. Also because there has been so many online scammers in our field of service work so it helps to weed those out. Knowing this is a legit professional trusted reader with their service work. That’s why i have created a section on my website here under the tab called Certified Psychic Medium Directory List. Where our clients can look up and find one that resonates with them for the type of reading they need. Each will charge the prices that they see fit best for their service works. But in my code of ethics and conduct, i do have it stating to charge fair prices. I don’t want the client nor reader getting financial scammed or abused in any way. So if either feels that way like let’s say the reader does they have to either refer another from my certified directory list or one that they work with. So the client still gets their services. It depends on the reason of the pull-out.

To find the certified psychic medium directory list faster than to look for the tab on my website here. Here is the link to direct you to it.

Since i am Certified and Registered with the WMA World Metaphysical Association. It helps me to authentic your certified certificates if you are taking my courses. Along with you becoming a practitioner of my teachings and the usage such as C.M. Certified Medium and Practitioner. So your clients know that you are professional and have trained and practiced and your work as a service worker in your field of expertise such as Mediumship etc. I created the C.M. part of our professionalism. To Authenticate my clients. However, if you are a client and have any complications let me know and i will see if the reader is one of my students to confirm with you they are and will help to solve any complications or problems that arise. By talking to both you and the reader and come to a compromise compassionately together.

These are my Certified Certificates authenticating i am listed and approved on the World Metaphysical Association. Their website to find me at which my name is under Jennifer Bonner, Psychic Medium, LLC – Bridge City, TX Their website is

I am still working on organizing my courses to be under each specific schools. Such as Mediumship or Elementals etc. So each course is easier to find. And under the proper name. But here is the direct link to one of my Mediumship ones right now. I will update this section at a time and put new ones on here along with the schools page to select what course you are looking for.

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