Ways To Contact Me

There are a few ways that you can contact me by. If you have a Facebook account, you can contact me through my PM messenger through this link that will bring you directly there. Whether it be about my metaphysical etc. products that I sell or a reading or healing services or anything that my services offer. You can contact me there.


If you are searching as one of my students to do practice readings from my courses or a Sitter to be also approved to join our facebook groups to have a practice reading done for you. You can send your request here. After you answer a few questions that I have. This link will direct you to my website page here explaining this further.


If you a looking for the different type of readings from me or my healing services. This website will direct you to all the info needed for them. On their specific locations to get these readings at. Please read all the info. I do require a few things before you purchase any reading from me.
My healing services such as Crystal and Reiki etc. And where to contact me for them.


The different types of readings that I offer and where to contact me for them.


You can also select from one of the tabs on my website whichever social media site that I use and that you use to contact me on. Preferable Facebook if possible. If you don’t have any social media and still need to contact me. You can contact me through my Business Email at. EnlightenMysticRealm@yahoo.com

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