Certified Psychic Mediums Directory List

This is a directory list of certified psychic mediums i have either work or worked with or have had a personal reading from or have been referred to, to mention. These lovely psychic mediums im listing should have their own websites which will be with their information here. And either readings they sell or products etc. I will mention what they each have that you can check into as well. I made this Directory list because of my courses and my facebook group, page and in my online Acadamey called (((((……….)))))) i also mention in some about them as well as to help find other certified psychic mediums if i am not able to help read into yours or sell the products you are looking for such as metaphysical tools or courses or what be. As i describe more in depth in my course but reasons why some psychic mediums are not able to give the readings you are looking for is sometimes there data base such as symbols or their specific Cair Senses that’s needed is not working for that one at the moment or have the knowledge or awareness into what the spirit needs their help with. For instance can be needing crossing over or needs a released attachment to release from them before crossing them over. Or a house clearing or object clearing, portals or wormholes etc. closed. Etc. Plus i do strongly believe in helping one another out not just us psychic mediums but you out as well to get what you are searching for if its help or products etc. I hope you find what you are seeking for. <3 πŸ™‚ I am sending wishes that you do get what your seeking for in perfect divine timing and that is divinely needed with much comforts and divine love and light with it. I am also sending you much divine pure love and light and gratitude and thanks to help add in extra love sent to you. <3 Jennifer Bonner πŸ™‚

My services are psychic and mediumship readings also crystal and reiki healing sessions online and teaching through courses and books online. As well as i am selling metaphysical products online such as altar decor elemental decor home and business decor like crystals, books, organic candles, crystal lamps, flower crowns, etc. You can find my services that i offer and sell through my Etsy Store or my Shopify Store. To find my Etsy store or Shopify Look under the tabs selections to choose from and what else you want to check into on my website you will find. If you are purchasing a reading from me please purchase my sitter’s certified course. Which you can find at. ……. To find my Etsy store Mystic Realms Readings go here https://www.etsy.com/shop/MysticRealmsReadings?ref=seller-platform-mcnav my Shopify store which i use QuadPay on means 4 interest-free payments go here ……. To become if you feel your reading went well after you have got one from me and have purchased my certified sitters course and want to become my client or just to learn as well as receive from any other psychic or medium on this directory list to show us you received my certified certificate for taking my sitters course will help us to know you learned how to become a self-independent sitting reader for yourself and you understand how readings work. My course here ((((….)))) explains the course further how it is beneficial and helpful for you. And very helpful in receiving clear readings. Each reader has their own way they do theirs and they might still need to explain and ask a few things that’s, not on the course. If you need my help in a cold case i can try to help add-in with anything i pick up on. Or i can try to see if i can gather a few to help out as well. Some of us might charge depending on how it is done and i might myself. Please message me on my facebook business page for that or any other questions. You will find it at https://www.facebook.com/JenniferBonnerPsychicMediumLLC/

If you are needing a free mini reading as a sitter or are a certified psychic medium or a practicing one you can join our facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/SpiritCircleAndPracticeReadings/ This is where my students, as well as Lianne’s students, are at. They practice on readings there as well as i hold on zoom spirit circle meetings where we learn teach each other and practice at as well. So certain one’s sitters are welcome to join in on to let them practice reading for you a mini reading. And our students practice on the other ones where we learn and practice together. If you’re needing to become a certified practitioner for mediumship through my courses you will find them here at my Academy ((((((……)))))) Thank you for your interest. I am sending you much divine pure light and love thanks and gratitude! <3 Jennifer Bonner <3

I will Update Lianne’s When she has her services back up as well as what type of services she will provide then. πŸ™‚

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