To Purchase and About My Elemental Readings Service’s

I offer a variety of readings that I can do. From mediumship which can for a picture reading of your departed loved one or yourself. Or to detect if there are attachments to you or your departed loved one. Which is explained in my courses I requested you to take if your becoming certified or the mediumship books you can read without being certified for that portion before a reading from me. But you will need the Sitters course certification to get a reading for me or others from my directory list. (((((((((((((((( Put this in my other reading section.))))))) Leave only the elemental readings part.

The elementals will be what reincarnate elemental that you are type reading or what elemental are around you and your loved ones type reading. We incarnate sometimes as an elemental soul being a part of our human soul. (((( I need to finish editing this section)))) Explain fully. And the type of readings it is.

I can offer some psychic readings. (((( finish this section to go in-depth with it. ))))))

I can also do house clearing readings. Readings into ….. name all that I can do readings wise.

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