I am so excited!

I am working on finishing up my website so I can offer my healing services and readings and the metaphysical magical products I’ll be selling and my courses and books once I complete more of them and so much more!! Plus remembering how to blog again lol. Because I will be using this as well. 🙂 <3 And I made my first logo. But I’m sure I will update it and make a new one. I can’t wait to put these on my products too! Such a happy, happy lady right now lol! Oh cool, I forgot it posts to my Facebook Page and Twitter too! I am loving this!

About Jennifer Bonner

I am a Psychic Medium with my Clairsenses open. More info to come. Am setting up my business website at moment. I have a Facebook business page as well as my Etsy which goes with my Facebook page. In the process of working on all of this. As well as working on courses im making and books. Much more info to come. :)

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