Awareness about spirit or entity etc attachments when getting blood or any transplants transfusion. This article about drinking young people blood in nypost

I felt really strongly guided to help bring awareness into these topics. Since its known but have to research to find it. So i do highly suggest please do your research with your guidance into these subjects. You will find many talk about they themselves or there loved ones has changed from these types of surgeries or injections. I havent read article yet but read quickly some comments on there. This was on twitter. One said its not drinking young peoples blood that its being injected with.

So im not writing this blog as a conspiracy theory. Im writting this as awareness with facts. In our mediumship field many are aware of these topics already.

Before i go further. If you need help with this to release any attachments from or think you have one. Ket me know i will share one of my teachers website i think you can find her spirit and entities and exterateristrial removal practitioners from. I am still in the works to become one myself. However i am guided to share that to find her practitioners because i know will help. But she dont know im writing this article unless shared with her. So she might have different views and all. But im blogging about mine. So just hoping if your needing removals they should be able to help till i can loves.

Ok pressing on. Many have reported personality changes even down to there eating changes. Craving foods they never craved before. Or a non smoker craving cigs and starts smoking. Many types of changes people have encountered with blood transfusions etc.

Some have even said was a calm person before to then became wild. Not thst wild and being authentic selves is a bad thing lol. Cause thats good! However in this cause its not there authentic selves. Its either spirit attachment influence whether a evil spirit or entity. Which earth bound spirits can have dark entity or et attachments to them along with spirits as well. They get attachments before departing and carry them while earth bound. So if that spirit lets say had 3 spirits attached to it and 2 entities they have them along with self then thats attached to the living person.

So would be 6 in total attached to a person. Many spirits some cant cross over due to attachments. And need help with detaching so they can cross over if they choose so. Cross over can be slso named as heaven or to the other side or what name your familier with.

Objects also can have attachments. I will be writing a blog about that as well as a video about that.

But the focus is on these topics for now. Thos is one i wished was more in the open and aware about. It really shoukd be to help prevent these types of things.

But its ok. Why knowing about it helps to prevent because you done your research and followed your guidance. But if you or your loved one went through this please know there is help out there for this. Like i said i will share her website to find practitioners who can help with this till i can. If your reading this post into the future from the time i posted it ask me if i passed and offer this and i will help you or your loved one with this.

Please share this blog or post about this. Help spread the word as well as share any info you have on this or anything helpful with this. Thsnk you so much for reading and help spreading word or as well as helping with info or what be.

Am sending yall much love thanks and gratitude! Wishing yall clear divine guidance and all thats needed to be helpful on your journey if going through this or a loved one. And that yall get all the help needed. As well as wishing yall many more bright magical blessings!

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