💫💖💞 Unconditional Love New Age or Religion etc. Love is the answer 😍

Obviously not letting me share the video to this reason why im making this blog.

I am sharing this with 💖 im still watching this. I’ve always love her videos. And reasons why i resonate so much with her. Its as if in this video she is speaking my exact thoughts feelings and also why i changed from religion and am who i am for many years now. And omg exactly how i say when people speak of the devil its actually feeding the entity of not in biblical terms but the actually entities known as the devil. Christianity had made me have anxiety and off the charts! But with the awareness and practice of unconditional love doing service work etc theres no anxiety no fear and the path my soul so longed to re learn what once was.

All summer i have been going through my whole house and am still not done. But tossing out objects that were attached or low vibe or low residual and has made a huge difference!! 😍 in my physical my mental my spiritual etc. And one of the main attachments to many was this devil entity i speak of. Not just paranormal but is of mediumship terms. Many aernt aware of them.

But will on my facebook business page and my website will share this things with. What ive learned and over come and helpful awareness into how to prevent etc. So my humble loving opinion is this. From the awareness and truths ive personally learned. Anything that teaches fear hate any lower or negative stuff causes and creates more into ones life attracting these beings and situations and more. Basically like the law of attraction and what we manifest from our beliefs we learn and at the time feel is right.

My life now has enhanced improved greatly from fixing all the past mistakes. Doing self works learning by guidance what to do each step of the way. So many enlightening changes have happened and will continue to 💞

But just felt to share this and might resonate with some who needed to hear these things and know your not alone and dont let anyone harm you in anyway because of your personal belief. If your spreading love no matter the belief you are doing your creator source God universe etc how you believe and into the name you call your creator is done with love then that is the choice you made and others could support and love you reguardless what it is. But also know not all are going to and there choice is the right one for them those moments. Were all on this journey together. We shouldnt waste time or energy bashing hating hurting harming one another. We learn at our own pace and whats our moments choice to make. So if supported or not i still love all reguardless 😍 and know that to for you. 💫💖💞

But doesnt mean turn away from another unless its abusive. But many things in life can be worked through together thats what compassion humanity and unconditional love is about from the soul doesnt have to have a label of religion or new age or wicca etc. But takes patiences and learning together as well.

Open our hearts and love all no matter what belief or label or cause or reason of. Im saying all who come across our souls path and not any dangerous situation. Just making sure to clarify and not have someone innocently walk into bad. All souls as in our energy in us humans and beyond are love but many of course dont walk nor choose that path. But just knowing all is from source from love is unconditional love. And were all connected all not saying just humans i mean all everything your eyes see has some form of energy and is a living being or energy. Animals plants rocks etc. Im sure you get where im going at lol. So didnt plan on writing this this morning lol. But i did. 😂 ok back to finish watching it. So going to post this as my blog 💫💖💞 😍

I hope yall have a good rest of week and weekend. Sending much love and wishing yall many more bright magical blessings 💫💖💞

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I am a Psychic Medium with my Clairsenses open. More info to come. Am setting up my business website at moment. I have a Facebook business page as well as my Etsy which goes with my Facebook page. In the process of working on all of this. As well as working on courses im making and books. Much more info to come. :)

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