💞💖💫 Being our authentic selves so freeing and truly lovely 💞💖💫

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One thing well out of the few things thats been on my mind lol i feel to share. That really hits me hard by learning even more importance of. Is being ourselves 💖
Our true authentic selves.
It is truly peaceful able to be myself. Not as i once was worried what others thought or needing approval of. Its enlightening i hear the word exilerating lol i know it aint spelt right or if is right word. Its truly freeing.

Yes you loose many along your way. And majority wont understand you. But the ones who are meant on your soul path are and show up at the most magical times to somtimes 😍

All teaches us something important. Just because we might have a few on our path doesnt mean all aint welcomed lol. We are all teachers and students to one another. And All our uniqueness makes us who we are. We feel we think we believe in our hearts what we love. Just as each flower blooming beside each other is growing together 💞 just as i feel we all do together in our own ways. Uniting together with unconditional love was once a way as it will be again 😍

Through everything shared in anyway is our growth our expansion our love for all.
Somthing good to think about through any times including any struggling times. And knowing when we are standing in our true authentic self being you is truly freeing liberating i think is another good word to use or else im chopping it up and not on purpose lol. No more seeking approval or worrying but truly expressing you is one of the most beautiful things we do. 😍

So if your lonely being you know there are many of us out there that have been there and overcame that at sometime. The universe or creator or God etc who you believe in is working some big magic being sent your way loves 💞 once all aligned up in perfect harmony all in divine right time you will have your soul friends your sacred divine soul partner. All is in working progress including ourselves. After our inner works and the universe sees were trying were creating and manifesting our dreams. Just seeing how serious we are about it we recieve 💖

So know your days to are coming! 😍 you are not alone. Keep working your inner works your divine magic its all coming! 💞💖💫

About Jennifer Bonner

I am a Psychic Medium with my Clairsenses open. More info to come. Am setting up my business website at moment. I have a Facebook business page as well as my Etsy which goes with my Facebook page. In the process of working on all of this. As well as working on courses im making and books. Much more info to come. :)

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